Arielle Jessop | About
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Arielle Jessop

A native New Englander from Amherst, Massachusetts, Jessop completed her undergraduate degree in Studio Art and Art History at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. After leaving Canada she was fortunate enough to be inspired by the work of the masters while working her way across Italy and the rest of Europe. Arielle’s extensive travel experience and interest in human interaction, specifically language, has contributed to her vocabulary as an artist. “Visual art has become my language; it is the medium with which I have chosen to express my desire to contribute to the society I live in. Connection and communication, whether verbal or visual has always been of interest to me; my expression as an artist is the most powerful language I can learn because it affects people on multiple levels”.


Arielle currently lives in Holyoke, Massachusetts where she is a member of Brick Co-workshop. She is dedicated to creating her individual artistic work as well contributing several collaborative pieces that help build community.


Current Gallery Representation

2012-2016       Beth Ellis Cove Gallery, Ogunquit, ME2006

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016    CL_ST_RF_CK, Abandoned Building Brewery, Easthampton, MA

2015    Annual Exhibition, Brick Coworkshop, Holyoke, MA

2011    Warehouse Art Collective, Art for Charity, Brooklyn, NY

2007    B ‘em Out, Bring ‘em Out, Gallerie les 4 soeurs, Montreal, QC, Canada

2007    Door Number 4, Zephyre Gallery, Montreal, QC, Canada

2006    To Some Extent, Place de Gaspé, Montreal, QC, Canada

Illustration Credits

2014     Fight for Justice: David & Me, documentary film
2011     Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Text Generation

Design Credits

2016     Springfield Central Cultural District, Springfield, MA, outdoor mural on city utility boxes
2015     Bread & Butter, Amherst, MA, hanging menu design, restaurant interior
2015     Mill District, North Amherst, MA, large scale outdoor mural
2015     Mill District, North Amherst, professional building interior, design vision
2015     Bowery Mission, New York, NY, hand lettering, wall painting
2014     Mont Lawn City Camp, Bronx, NY, hand lettering, wall and window painting
2013     Willy T’s, DuPont Circle, Washington D.C., restaurant interior, wall painting
2013     D’amico Coffee, Brooklyn, NY, restaurant interior, hand lettering, wall painting
2012     Alice’s Tea Cup, New York, NY, menu design, restaurant interior


BFA     Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Artist Statement

Arielle Jessop

There are several personal influences that inform my painting. The effect of these influences has inspired my objective to investigate the relationship between memory, each other and place. I strive to make a connection with the viewer through the exploration of common emotional memory and how particular images or components of visual representation speak to us and evoke that memory or feeling.


In a world that has become increasingly small over time, we have managed to make the space between each other even larger, surrounding ourselves with fast paced, over-stimulating media and culture that tells us how to think, feel, judge, act and react. We have learned to perceive things and people in the same amount of time it takes to click a camera or tap a screen. How does this effect our perception of space, beauty and each other? We have become absolute strangers to what surrounds us and to each other, even when found in close quarters.