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My Work is Made For and From Real Life

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I don’t paint with museums or other “high art” venues in mind. I create work that’s meant to be accessible to real, everyday people to enjoy, and that is based on the world around us. My work is expressive and relatable, while also being accessible: I want to make work that is in-reach of someone living in and loving the environment by which I was inspired.

Represented by Beth Ellis Cove Gallery, Ogunquit ME

My connection to Ogunquit predates my representation there by many years. As a child, I have fond memories of summering in postcard perfect seaside town. But it wasn’t strictly the beaches and ice cream cones that made the experience so memorable. My aunt was an accomplished artist herself, and from a young age she instilled a love for art-making and creativity in me that I carry with me today. She taught and attended painting classes, and I would at first tag along and, later, learn or teach with her. These creative roots in Maine are still strong within my work today. I still go to Ogunquit every summer, and am so proud to be represented by The Beth Ellis Cove Gallery there. My work there is all Ogunquit based, incorporating innumerable beach, ocean, and sky elements. The well of inspiration there is deep.

Seeking Representation

I am currently seeking to establish myself with galleries around the country, in places with which I have a personal connection. For the 2019-2020 season, I am focusing on developing gallery relationships in and around Naples, Florida. Warm, sunny, and in some ways a polar opposite of coastal Maine, the Naples area has recently taken on new meaning for me. I have been pushing myself to work in new themes, with brighter colors and more abstract styles. Florida has proven to be a wellspring of inspiration in this regard: a cultural melting pot, exploding with rich color and drenched in lush tropical details. After spending time there and finding myself surrounded by incredible artists and their work, I realized maybe Florida was calling me. As I continue to explore the vibrancy that Florida has inspired in my work, I’m looking to develop a local presence in galleries there.

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