About My Work

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I am a painter inspired by
the richness of the world around me.

The Right Medium for the Mood

I work primarily in oil and watercolor, sometimes with acrylic and mixed media. When I land on a subject to paint I take a moment to think about what medium will best represent how I want it to look on paper or canvas. For subjects that have rich color and feeling I will work in oil, for something that I feel is more delicate and soft I usually lean towards watercolor. Most of my abstract work is done in acrylic with mixed media, allowing me to push and stretch color and texture. Each medium lends itself to creating a different mood, both for the artist and the viewer.

Bodies of Work

I tend to work in series. I do not often make “just one” painting of something- when I start exploring a subject, that will be my focus for the next few weeks. For landscapes, I am inspired by the seasons and the change happening in nature and in the light around us; this seasonal change informs my work and these series arise from observing and spending time in nature. Non-landscape series similarly are often sparked by changes in the land: a certain flower coming into bloom or the reappearance of certain natural details like color or texture might spawn their own series. A series is a grouping of paintings that “work” together: they feel connected, related to each other, and they function both individually and as a collection.

It’s About The Connections

For me, each painting informs the next, just as each season gives way into the next. As I begin a series I start a new learning process. I begin exploring how these pieces will work together, how they will interact, what the viewer will feel when they look at each piece individually and what they feel when they see this series as a whole. It is my hope to have those enjoying my work go on a journey as they follow the progressions, to feel the celebration with and connection to nature and the fuel – creative and otherwise – that nature provides us.

I am inspired by changes in the world around me