Workshop with David Lussier – Developing Paintings in the Studio From Photographs

I had the pleasure of taking a workshop with painter David Lussier in his studio in Rollinsford NH this winter. I’ve always put workshops at the end of my list in terms of where to put money into my business and I realize this is a mistake. We never stop learning our craft and we never get “too good” to stop practicing.

Although I tend to focus on more abstract pieces when working in the studio I feel it is imperative to have the basic skills of representational painting as the base layer.

In this workshop I was really pushed to hone in on my understanding of values, looking at what shades are darker and which are lighter and learning how that can really help make or break a painting. We focused on having a plan for each painting and following rules that we set at the very beginning to make sure that the piece stays on track through its whole development. This learning was invaluable to me and I feel it already being put to use as I start new, fresh paintings, whether from photographs or from inspiration in my mind.

My main take away from doing this workshop was learning that I should do more! Painting with other painters and learning from someone who has years of experience on you is SO worth time and money! What a great workshop.